IGAS 2018 Report

Please see IGAS 2018 report we attended.

What is IGAS?
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The International Graphic Arts Show (IGAS) is a comprehensive international trade show on print media
which showcases the latest products, technology, and services related to printing, paper converting, and digital graphics.

IGAS has provided visitors with new business opportunities for the print media industry by presenting the latest technology and
various solutions. The show gave us at Jay Enterprises excellent international business opportunities and has contributed to
the invigoration and development of the printing and related industries!

Jay Enterprises had the pleasure of meeting customers all over the world.
We would like to thank all of our old and new customers who visited our booth.

Number of Exhibitors & Booths
Number of companies Number of booths
Exhibitors from Japan 296 2,496
Exhibitors from Overseas 49 192
Total 345 2,688

*Number of joint exhibitors: 32 companies ( IGAS 2015 : 24 companies)

Number of Visitors
IGAS 2018
Date Weather Total Number of Visitors
2018/7/26 Sunny/ Cloudy 9,287
2018/7/27 Cloudy 14,831
2018/7/28 Cloudy/ Rain 9,673
2018/7/29 Sunny 5,066
2018/7/30 Sunny/ Cloudy 9,074
2018/7/31 Sunny/ Cloudy 7,932
Total 55,863
(5,000 visitors from overseas)

Number of Visitors by Country

Total: 5000 visitors out side of Japan

Summary of Participants for +Tour
The guided tours of various categories and themes to IGAS2018 were conducted by the organizer in order to
provide visitors with brief and professional outlook of the industry trend.
Standard Course  Premium Course  Theme Focus Course  Total
1,270 129 642 2,041

Thank you.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

From Jay Enterprises.