Garshom Business Excellence Award 2018

We are proud to share that our CEO Sunish Parakkel won "Garshom Business Excellence Award 2018".

The awards recognise the contribution of the global community of NRKs to the society they are currently part of, the nation they were born to, and to Kerala.

The 13th Garshom International Awards presentation ceremony was held at Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel, Tokyo, Japan on 13 October 2018.
The awards were presented by Nakamura Rikako, Member of Parliament, Japan in the presence of Tom Joseph, Councillor, Whittlesea, Australia; Shigeki Someya, former MLA, Sakae-cho, Japan; Siddharth Singh, Director, Cultural Centre, Indian Embassy, Tokyo; Tadashi Awazu, President, Taiyotomah Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan; Tetsuyuki Toyama, founder of Yamahachi Chemical Co. Ltd, Aichi, Japan; Joseph Scaria Juniour, Asia Pacific Director, Habitat for Humanity International; Jolly Thadathil, Germany; Suresh Lal, founding member, Nihonkairali, Japan; and Joseph Scaria, Asia Pacific Director,Habitat for Humanity International.(Wiki)

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