Cardboard thickness and material

Cardboard thickness and material

Basic corrugated cardboard is made of 3 layers: one corrugated and two flat layers.
Cardboard strength changes by changing the material of papers.
The height of the corrugated layer is different

A flute : 5 mm thick

A-Flute is a commonly used corrugated cardboard sheet in Japan that has high impact absorption and is suitable for packaging of light-weight and easy-to-use items.
Used for Moving, transportation box

B Flute : 3 mm thick

B-Flute is the flat compression strength is stronger than A flute, and it is suitable for packing a hard thing.
Usually used for Packaging boxes for food cases and machine parts.

C Flute : 4mm thick

C-flute is the most widely used flute size.
C-Flute is ideal for stacking and is generally used for packaging furniture and glass products.

E flute : 1.5 mm thick

E-Flute is ideal for printing because surface is smoother than other flutes.
It is the second most commonly used corrugated box used for cosmetics and skincare packaging.

F Flute : 1.1mm thick

F-flute is for small retail packaging and an environmentally friendly replacement to folding cartons.
Used for custom printed boxes, printed corrugated boxes, and retail packaging.

G Flute : 0.9 mm thick

G-Flute can be printed directly with an offset printing press.

W Flute : 8mm thick

W-Flute is a cardboard of 5 layers in the structure where A / F and B / F were pasted together.
Used for heavy items, exporting box.

Two Layer AA stage : 10 mm thick

AA flute is two A flute pasted together.
It is used for heavy items packing.

Three Layer AAA Stage : 15 mm thick

AAA is 6 to 10 times stronger than other general cardboard.
Flute designation Flutes per linear foot Flute thickness (in) Flutes per linear meter Flute thickness (mm)
A flute 33 +/− 3 316 108 +/− 10 4.8
B flute 47 +/− 3 18 154 +/− 10 3.2
C flute 39 +/− 3 532 128 +/− 10 4.0
E flute 90 +/− 4 116 295 +/− 13 1.6
F flute 125 +/− 4 132 420 +/− 13 0.8

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