Product Code J20326-6
Manufacturer and Model Sanwa Giken S-300
Year 2000
Description Product name S-300 Maximum paper width 300mm Max web diameter-web shaft 450φ-75φ Maximum winding diameter-winding shaft Other size OPTION 450φ-75φ 3 way key lock type 25/40/45/50 other Slit method Shear method Maximum speed 70m per minute Setting counter (standard) m number automatic stop Proximity sensor 4 digits minimum unit 10 cm (Setting counter) (Auto stop of number of sheets) (Switch SW) (Transmissive sensor) (4 digit minimum unit 1 sheet) (Measuring-counting with snap SW) Out of base paper Limit SW type Material brake transparent disc Fixed type Outer diameter 450φ × Inner diameter 75φ Winding control Powder clutch type V belt drive system Upper and lower blade set Upper blade SET 5 sets Lower blade SET 7 sheets Main motor Speed controller motor 300W Power supply ・ A 100V ・ 5A Machine dimensions L700 × H1160 × W720 Machine weight 210kg Accessories Blower device, transparent disk, wrench set, power cord
Status Instock
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