Manufacturer and Model Ryobi 685 + Coater Long delivery
Year 2000
Max. Paper Size 508 x 686mm
Colors 5 + Anilox coater
Scheduled delivery Immediate
Speed 15,000
Paper Thickness 0.04 - 0.6mm
Total Counter Current counter: 0.9 (machine may reset at 60million) total 69 Million
Max. Printing Size 495 x 650
Description Ryobi 685 + Anilox Coater Long Delivery Straight 5 + Anilox coater 6th unit is anilox coater and Long Delivery Remote ink key control, Cocking, Preset Remote Ink Key Control PCS-G Semi Auto plate changer, (no bender needed) Ryobimatic Alcohol Dampening Max. Printing Size: 495 x 650mm Max. Paper Size: 508 x 686mm IR dryer Spare rollers 1 set
Under Option until 2019-09-18
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