Manufacturer and Model Mitsubishi Tandem New DAIYA 309TP
Year 2005
Max. Paper Size 720 X 1020mm (28 x 40 inch)
Colors 4 + 5
Scheduled delivery Immediate
Speed 13,000
Paper Thickness 0.04mm - 0.6mm
Total Counter 230 Million
Description Mitsubishi Tandem New DAIYA 309TP Year 2005 Main specifications API system (ink key remote control + interface) Paper size preset Side lay preset Impression thickness preset Cocking, Circumstance, Lateral register remote control Auto Centering on feeder Feeder belt adjustment device SPC semi-automatic plate change device Blanket automatic cleaning device (UV specification) Ink clutch remote control (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th color) Automatic ink cleaning (doctor blade attachment / detachment remote control) Ink reciprocating roller 4 main water Dampening cooling system × 2 units Daiyamatic Multi-mode dampening system Delta type dampening unit DB rocking roller Bearer Wiper Paper count and tape inserting IPC II (SIP compatible) Mitsubishi standard spectrometer system color tone management device New MCCS Ⅱ For cold food paper (serrated processing on chain gripper pawl seat) Machine raising 300 mm Delivery scaffold bounce-up button type Ⅴ Top coating (LD part, unit part) UV drying equipment Extended delivery type (3,139 mm) Interdeck UV (connecting unit unit) Detection of two PP films Measures to scatter the nail shaft grease Removable front desk remote control desk (2 remote control desks adopted) Vacuum suction paper width preset Horizontal needle timing cam wear countermeasure Corrosion wear countermeasure for preventing premature nail scratches Measures against breakage of air hose (N1 tube) Double-sided coating, aluminum vapor deposition, PVC, PP / scratch enter countermeasure Addition of detection sensor for film Oil cleaner Independent drive of ink fountain roller Shadowless chain gripper (not to block UV) Remote control desk lighting (made by eye graphics) adopted UV misplaced interlock Sliding door type paper alignment device Feeding reed board single board Preliminary registration 1 mm Detection function Paper feed main pump Orion Vacuum Horizontal Needle Pump Orion Pump for connection unit Orion Horizontal needle bellows type Ink key one shot key Auto Bender
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