Product Code NEW
Manufacturer and Model MATSUMOTO VCA-30-2
Year 1997
Format / Size 1,100(W)x800(L)
Speed 20-50 m/min
Description specification Stainless steel plate m/m 0.6(T)x1,250(W)x10,500(L) Maximum paper dimensions m/m 1,100(W)x800(L) Minimum paper dimensions m/m 470(W)x320(L) Machine speed m/min 10-60 Work speed m/min 20-50 Drive part Feeder pumps 3.7kW Feeder lifting part 0.75kW Feeder drive 0.75kW Inverter Control Coater roll drive 0.75kW Inverter Control Coater roll drive 0.4kW Doctor Roll Dryer conveyor drive 0.75kW Inverter Control Blower 2.2kW inverter control Suction Blower 0.75kW Dryer cooling fan 0.16kW 30cm Fan x 4 Glazing machine drive 3.7kW Inverter Control Automatic hydraulic pump 0.75kW Meandering correction device 0.75kW Air Compressor Paper peeling wind indering device 2.2kW Air Compressor Drainage machine cooling fan 0.16kW 30cm Fan x 4 Drainage machine lifting part 0.75kW Exhaust machine drive 0.75kW Paper detector blower 0.55kW Dryer Heater Bank 18kW Dryer Infrared Heater 1kWx9 pieces = 9kW Calendar roll steam capacity 300kg/h Installation area m/m 2,700x20,868m/m Machine weight kg Approximately 9,500kg Electrical capacity 37.5 kW, steam capacity 400 kg/H, maximum machining speed 40 m/min 1) This catalog does not include any options. If optional parts are required, we will discuss with our sales based on the separately added option specifications. If optional parts are added, the electrical capacity, steam capacity, and maximum machining speed will be changed. 2) The dimensions described in the specification diagram are reference dimensions. It will change depending on the specifications.
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