Product Code J20828-2
Manufacturer and Model Horizon AF-406S Avio Ultrasonic Welding for Plastic Folder (Automatic)
Year 2015
Max. Paper Size Max. 430 mmx 660 mmor 16.92” x 25.98”
No. of Buckles option for 6, 1 only available
No. of Folding Knife no
Description Machine Structure 6 Buckles (but one buckle only available Sheet Size (W x L) Max. 430 mmx 660 mmor 16.92” x 25.98” Sheet Weight Range Made for clear folder folding Belt Speed 30 to 180 meters per minute or 98 to 590 feet per minite Production Speed Suction Head 30,000 cycles per hour Comes with automatic high speed clear folder sealing machine
Status Instock
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