Manufacturer and Model Heidelberg - SM 74-6-P3
Year 1997
Max. Paper Size 52 x 74 cm
Colors 6 or 2 + 4
Scheduled delivery Immediate
Speed 15,000
Paper Thickness 0.03 mm - 0.60 mm (0.0012 in - 0.0236 in)
Total Counter 114 Million
Max. Printing Size 510 mm x 740 mm (20.08 in x 29.13 in)
Description Heidelberg SM 74-6 P3 H Year 1997 Total Counter:113 Million In production Eye graphics UV Air cooled 1 x UV lamp at Inter-deck U2-U3 or U4-U5, 3 x UV lamp at delivery CP 1.04, Cptronic Alcolor High Pile Auto plate Now U2 is not using due to damage on plate cylinder bearer and blanket bearer. U2: Solid job are difficult, but some how character jobs some how possible. Bearer photo available on request. U1 and U3-U6 are working properly.
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