Manufacturer and Model AKIYAMA - NEW BESTECH BT-640 BCL
Year 1992
Max. Paper Size 720 x 1020 mm
Color 6
Speed 13,000
Thickness 0.04~0.8
Total Counter
Max. Printing Size 710 X 1020 mm
Description BT 640 BCL A2 Specifications: Maximum Paper Size: 720 x 1020, Print Size: 710 x 1020, Paper thickness ~ 0.6 mm Blanket cleaning device, Ink roller automatic cleaning, One touch clamp Plate change, ACC Ink key remote control device, Plate register remote control (Cirucmstance and lateral) No cocking, Ink source rotation amount remote control, BCL blanket coater device, IR hot air generating device (eye graphics), Aqueous varnish circulation device,
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